State Agreements
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State Agreements

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State Agreements

State Agreements are contracts between the Government of Western Australia and proponents of major resources projects which are ratified by an Act of the State Parliament.  They specify the rights, obligations, terms and conditions for development of the project and establish a framework for ongoing relations and cooperation between the State and the project proponent.

For more than fifty years, State Agreements have been used by successive Western Australian governments to foster major developments, including mineral, petroleum, wood processing and related downstream processing projects, together with associated infrastructure investments.  Such projects require long term certainty, extensive or complex land tenure and are often located in relatively remote areas of the State requiring significant infrastructure development.

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State Agreement Acts

The Department administers 64 State Agreement Acts on behalf of the Government of Western Australia.
As part of this responsibility, the Department also negotiates new agreements, variations, terminations and repeals of State Agreement Acts as required. 
The list outlines agreements, by commodity, as at the end of the 2012/2013 reporting year.

Agreement Acts Administered by the Department


Alumina Refinery Agreement Act 1961
Alumina Refinery (Mitchell Plateau) Agreement Act 1971
Alumina Refinery (Pinjarra) Agreement Act 1969
Alumina Refinery (Wagerup) Agreement and Acts Amendment Act 1978
Alumina Refinery (Worsley) Agreement Act 1973

Charcoal Iron and Steel

Wundowie Charcoal Iron Industry Sale Agreement Act 1974


Collie Coal (Griffin) Agreement Act 1979
Collie Coal (Western Collieries) Agreement Act 1979


Western Mining Corporation Limited (Throssell Range) Agreement Act 1985


Diamond (Argyle Diamond Mines Joint Venture) Agreement Act 1981


Goldfields Gas Pipeline Agreement Act 1994
Pilbara Energy Project Agreement Act 1994
Ord River Hydro Energy Project Agreement Act 1994

Forest Products

Albany Hardwood Plantation Agreement Act 1993
Bunbury Treefarm Project Agreement Act 1995
Collie Hardwood Plantation Agreement Act 1995
Dardanup Pine Log Sawmill Agreement Act 1992
Paper Mill Agreement Act 1960
Wood Processing (WESFI) Agreement Act 2000
Wood Processing (Wesbeam) Agreement Act 2002


North West Gas Development (Woodside) Agreement Act 1979

Barrow Island Act 2003 (which incorporates the Gorgon Gas Processing and Infrastructure Project Agreement)

Natural Gas (Canning Basin Joint Venture) Agreement Act 2013


Tailings Treatment (Kalgoorlie) Agreement Act 1988

Iron Ore and Steel

BHP Billiton (Termination of Agreements) Agreement Act 2006
Iron Ore (Channar Joint Venture) Agreement Act 1987
Iron Ore (FMG Chichester Pty Ltd) Agreement Act 2006
Iron Ore (Goldsworthy-Nimingarra) Agreement Act 1972
Iron Ore (Hamersley Range) Agreement Act 1963
Iron Ore (Hamersley Range) Agreement Act Amendment Act 1968
Iron Ore (Hope Downs) Agreement Act 1992
Iron Ore (McCamey’s Monster) Agreement Authorization Act 1972
Iron Ore (Marillana Creek) Agreement Act 1991
Iron Ore (Mount Bruce) Agreement Act 1972
Iron Ore (Mount Goldsworthy) Agreement Act 1964
Iron Ore (Mount Newman) Agreement Act 1964
Iron Ore (Murchison) Agreement Authorization Act 1973
Iron Ore (Rhodes Ridge) Agreement Authorisation Act 1972
Iron Ore (Robe River) Agreement Act 1964
Iron Ore (Wittenoom) Agreement Act 1972
Iron Ore (Yandicoogina) Agreement Act 1996
Iron Ore Processing (Mineralogy Pty Ltd) Agreement Act 2002

Mineral Sands

Mineral Sands (Eneabba) Agreement Act 1975
Mineral Sands (Cooljarloo) Mining and Processing Agreement Act 1988
Mineral Sands (Beenup) Agreement Act 1995


Nickel (Agnew) Agreement Act 1974
Poseidon Nickel Agreement Act 1971


Oil Refinery (Kwinana) Agreement Act 1952


Dampier Solar Salt Industry Agreement Act 1967
Evaporites (Lake MacLeod) Agreement Act 1967
Leslie Solar Salt Industry Agreement Act 1966
Onslow Solar Salt Agreement Act 1992
Shark Bay Solar Salt Industry Agreement Act 1983


Uranium (Yeelirrie) Agreement Act 1978


Cement Works (Cockburn Cement Limited) Agreement Act 1971
Industrial Lands (CSBP & Farmers Limited) Agreement Act 1976
Industrial Lands (Kwinana) Agreement Act 1964
Pigment Factory (Australind) Agreement Act 1986 (expired 31 December 2011)
Silicon (Kemerton) Agreement Act 1987
The Commonwealth Oil Refineries Limited (Private) Act 1940
Texas Company (Australasia) Limited (Private) Act 1928
Railway and Port (The Pilbara Infrastructure Pty Ltd) Agreement Act 2004
Railway (Roy Hill Infrastructure Pty Ltd) Agreement Act 2010
Iron Ore Agreements Legislation (Amendment, Termination and Repeals) Act 2011


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