Ord-East Kimberley Expansion Project

The Ord East Kimberley Expansion Project is a comprehensive and integrated package of funding initiatives, to be delivered in the East Kimberley Region through a partnership between the Commonwealth and Western Australian Governments. The project will provide opportunities for growth and economic sustainability, and improve social, community and common-use infrastructure.

The two main elements of this project are the expansion of the Ord Irrigation Area to stimulate sustainable economic growth, and the East Kimberley Development Package, a comprehensive infrastructure package delivered jointly by the Stateand Federal Governments.

The Ord Irrigation Expansion Project has increased the agricultural land in the Ord from 14,000 to approximately 28,000 hectares.  Stage 2 works were completed in late 2013.

In addition to developing agricultural land, this project has delivered 29 social, community and common-use infrastructure projects throughout the East Kimberley Region with funding provided from the Commonwealth Government as part of the Nation Building Economic Stimulus package.

The project aims to provide training, employment and business development opportunities for Indigenous people in the East Kimberley region.  The Commonwealth Government’s investment has provided many training and employment opportunities.  The Government of Western Australia has also invested $11 million to support training and employment initiatives.

The total investment in the project is $517 million comprising:

  1. East Kimberley Development Package – $195 million from the Commonwealth Government, of which the Western Australian Government delivered $177.9 million of projects; and 
  2. Ord Irrigation Expansion Project – $322 million from the Western Australian Government’s Royalties for Regions fund.