Western Australia is home to 111 principal mining projects and hundreds of smaller quarries and mines, producing over 50 different commodities. In 2015-16, iron ore was the state's most valuable resource, followed by liquefied natural gas, gold, crude oil and condensate, alumina, nickel, base metals (copper, lead and zinc) and heavy mineral sands (garnet, illmenite, leucoxene, zircon and rutile).

Minerals and petroleum are main industries in Western Australia and output growth is forecast for these sectors in the medium to long term. 

Western Australia is one of the most productive and diversified mineral and petroleum regions in the world, with more than 50 mineral and petroleum products being produced in commercial quantities worth A$87.9 billion in 2015-16. 

The State leads Australia in minerals and petroleum output and produces a significant proportion of the world’s trade in several key commodities. 

Western Australian resource production in a global context: 2015

  Unit WA % of world Western Australia World    
Iron ore  Million tonnes 37 741 2,030
Garnet '000 tonnes 17 283 1,660 
Zircon '000 tonnes 14 195 1,410 
Alumina  Million tonnes 12 14  115 
Nickel  '000 tonnes 7 174 2,530 
Ilmenite  '000 tonnes 8 449 5,610
Diamonds  Million carats 10 13 125
Rutile  '000 tonnes 8 40 480
LNG  Million tonnes 8 20 245
Gold  Tonnes 6 193 3,000

Source: Western Australia Department of Mines and Petroleum, Resources Data Files.