The Health Infrastructure Investment Package comprised projects that have improved delivery of health services in the East Kimberley Region. The Department of State Development oversaw the financial management and reporting requirements for nine of the health infrastructure projects. The Western Australian Country Health Service managed the construction of these projects.

EKDP_Ochre Health Centre

The Ochre Health Centre (Kununurra Hospital Expansion)
The new Ochre Health Centre offers a range of primary health care services to the catchment population of the East Kimberley.  

The services within the facility include:

  • Allied Health  
  • Visiting Medical Specialists
  • Population Health
  • Kimberley Division of General Practices 
  • Kimberley Aged and Community Services  
  • General Practice. 

The project was completed in September 2012.

EKDP_Wyndham rehab
Wyndham rehabilitation facility
The rehabilitation facility provides culturally appropriate services for Kimberley clients with drug and alcohol problems. Facility upgrades and construction of new services have allowed the service to begin treating families as a whole. The Wyndham Residential Rehabilitation Facility is operated by Ngnowar Aerwah Aboriginal Corporation.

The project was completed in March 2011.

EKDP_Sobering Up Centres
Refurbishment of sobering-up centres – Kununurra and Wyndham
The upgrade and refurbishment of the sobering-up centres in both Kununurra and Wyndham will help ensure the continued availability and access to overnight accommodation to cater for increased demand.

The project was completed in April 2011.
Health service provider housing
The Health Service Provider Housing project has delivered seven new houses for health professionals living in Kununurra. The project included two new houses for staffing the Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council renal service. An additional purchased house is now owned by the Ngnowar-Aerwah Aboriginal Corporation for staff accommodation to support services at the Wyndham Rehabilitation Centre.

This project was completed in May 2012.

EKDP_Short Stay Patient Accommodation
Short-stay Patient Accommodation Kununurra
The short-stay facility offers safe and welcoming accommodation for up to 16 patients travelling to Kununurra for medical treatment. Patients attending health services in Kununurra who are not required to stay in the hospital can use the accommodation.

The facility was completed in November 2012.
EKDP_Environmental Health Measures
Environmental Health Services Kalumburu and Warmun
The Environmental Health Services project supports existing programs and infrastructure and has provided plant and equipment to the East Kimberley based Environmental Health division of the Western Australian Country Health Service.

The project was completed in November 2012.

Remote Clinics in Kalumburu and Warmun
The Western Australian Country Health Service managed the construction of the Kalumburu Remote Clinic project, a new three-bedroom house to assist in attracting and retaining health staff in the remote community. The house was completed in February 2012.

Flooding in Warmun in 2011 significantly delayed the delivery of the Warmun Remote Clinic project. 

The new clinic was completed in 2013 on a flood safe site.
Kalumburu Remote Aged Care Facility
The Remote Aged Care project provided a new home and community care facility for aging residents of the Kalumbaru Aboriginal community. The facility includes an industrial kitchen for Meals on Wheels and a large occupational therapy room for supervised day-time activities. The planning and design of the facility includes overnight accommodation for staff.

The new Aged Care Facility was completed in mid-2013.
Wyndham Health Facilities upgrade
In Stage 1 of the Wyndham Health Facilities upgrade, the Western Australian Country Health Service (WACHS) purchased three staff houses for Wyndham Hospital. In Stage 2, WACHS demolished the condemned nurse quarters on the Wyndham Hospital grounds and replaced it with a new duplex to accommodate visiting staff, students and staff.

The project was completed in mid-2013.