Wyndham Port facility upgrade
Wyndham Port facility upgrade
The Port of Wyndham upgrade has provided capacity for the only deep water port between Darwin and Broome to meet the future demands for import and export of products from across the region. 

The upgrade was completed in June 2012.
EKDP_Kununurra airport upgrade
Kununurra airport upgrade – terminal building
The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley managed the Kununurra airport terminal building project with joint funding from the East Kimberley Development Package, the Regional Airports Development Scheme and the Shire.The terminal building provides a service to people who need to travel to and from Kununurra, Halls Creek, Wyndham, Warmun and Kalumburu in the East Kimberley. 

EKDP_Kununurra airport patient transfer facility
Kununurra airport patient transfer facility
The Kununurra airport patient transfer facility project has improved medical services in the region and to the community.The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley owns the facility and leases it to St Johns Ambulance, which is responsible for the maintenance and operational costs of the building.