A Science Statement for Western Australia - Growing Western Australia - April 2015 outlines the State's priorities for scientific research.
Science statement
These priorities were identified based on areas where Western Australia  has a comparative advantage and an appropriate base of research and industrial capability.

The priorities will help to align research effort across industry, universities, research institutes and Government, and to concentrate resources in those areas where a competitive advantage will be further developed.

The Statement was launched at the inaugural Science on the Swan conference on 21 April 2015. For more information view the media statement.

Priority areas

Five areas have been identified in which the advancement and application of science can help broaden the economy and create a new generation of jobs. These areas are:

  • mining and energy; 
  • medicine and health
  • agriculture and food; 
  • biodiversity and marine science; and 
  • radio astronomy.

Cutting across each of the five science priorities are areas of opportunity that can help Western Australia achieve greater outcomes. Areas of opportunity are:

  • fostering a culture of science in Western Australia through education and engagement initiatives;
  • developing Western Australia's emerging capability in data intensive science; 
  • building on the State's water science expertise; and 
  • strengthening partnerships for effective collaboration.

Snapshots of Science in Western Australia

Accompanying the Science Statement are 'Snapshots' of significant activities that are currently underway across Western Australia. Select a snapshot below to read more information.

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